A Letter from Amy

A few years ago I decided to paint what I loved and inspired me...dogs. I painted from the heart, and used my brush strokes to capture the humor, emotion and inner thoughts of the dogs on canvas with a fresh, unique approach. I create my paintings so people will stop, look, and laugh...and then look again. The concept revolves around a realistic painting of the dog while incorporating a contemporary or abstract background. Adding another dimension to the piece is the use of Swarovski crystals, metals and semi-precious stones. It's all about the dogs...they are my inspiration and I challenge myself to search out fresh and amusing ideas for the back-grounds in fashion, patterns, and lifestlye trends.

Dogs are an international symbol of love and devotion, family and unity. There are over 150 recognized breeds and 420 varieties of dogs from around the world, all of which have their own unique characteristics and a personality that shines through.

My goal is to capture them on canvas, so that they can be brought to you in so many fresh and inventive ways: to greet you on a card, a special journal to jot down your thoughts, an Amy Brazil gift bag to hold a present for that special someone, or a big fluffy throw pillow that our dogs would be jealous of...and so many others.

What is the grand vision for my four-legged friends? To bring this cast of characters to life is the ultimate goal...they all have a tale to tell. Storybooks and a movie are in the works, with licensing opportunities throughout. As you browse through my website I hope you enjoy what you see and that my vision inspires you.